Friday, January 20, 2017

A Little Dressmaker

I have got an 8" x 8" card today for any dressmakers out there, gslcuts has a great selection of dress and corset embellishments.

 I began by choosing various papers from the Couture Creations paper pad that I have just bought,


 and I decided on 4 different papers, plus some of the paper with measurements on it.  I decided on plain brown card to stick the patterned paper onto, using Creative Expressions foundation card (colour chestnut). These I cut to 1, 8x8" , 1, 7 x 5", 2, 4 x 4" and 1, 8 x 21/2" pieces, cutting the patterned pieces slightly smaller to leave a narrow border around each. I also cut one length of tape measure and scissors and cotton reels from another page.

Next I decided on which shapes to use from the GSLcuts dressforms and corset shapes set and covered these in white gesso.

  I used some patterned paper from my stock to cover some of them then just used memento stamp ink for the others. I even threaded  cotton through the holes on one of the corset shapes to make it look more authentic as you can see on the finished card.
The designing of the card is up to you really, this was my idea and I also added a stackable labels frame in the top corner. 

Gypsy Soul supplies:- dressforms and corset shape set, 
                                         stackable label frames
Other:-                            couture creation paper pad
                                         creative expressions foundation card

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Traveling with Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts . . .

I began the year with a Travel Mini-Book

Here are the inside pages using lots of travel cuts from

This is the inside cover. 
The Enjoy the Journey word is embossed
and added on top of an envelope.

The images used above and in consecutive pages
are from the

The compass can be found here:

A bicycle flip page:

This GSLCuts includes 3 different Bicycle designs

Suitcases & Tickets: Travel Shape Set

So what can you do with chipboard?

Paint with acrylic paint and add it to your design


emboss with a coordinating embossing powder and heat set


stamp a design or words


add decorative paper


take apart and use as a clip

Hope this gave you some ideas for chipboard uses.

See you next time!

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Valentine Wreath by Sandy Trefger

Hi everyone! Sandy here today with a beautiful Valentine Wreath created with some fabulous Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts and vintage Graphic 45! Gina has a new chipboard set for wreath bases and I received a set in my most recent Educator supply box so of course I had to create something with one of them.  These are pretty new so they may not be in the online store just yet, but if you want to order one, I'm sure you can contact GSL for more info.

Here's my finished wreath.  I'm hanging it INSIDE the house as I do not want to put it on the door and risk it getting damaged by the elements which we did have a heck of a rain and thunderstorm Sunday night here in Texas and it would have been ruined!

I've created a YouTube video tutorial on how I altered the chipboard hearts and added everything to the wreath.  For the filigree hearts I simply used embossing ink, gold glitter embossing powder and set it with my heat gun.  I love how they turned out!

For the larger solid chipboard hearts, I finished them with Nuvo Gold Embellishment Mousse and for the smaller chippie hearts, I heat embossed those with a Stampendous white powder with gold flecks.

Here's my You Tube video followed by the supply list at the end of this post.

Supply List:
Thank you so much for reading my blog post and for watching my video! I hope I've inspired you to create a beautiful wreath using the awesome chippies from Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts.  I will have another project up here on the GSL blog on February 1st.  I've already started on it and it will be a FUN one!

Happy Crafting,

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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Fairy Tales and Secret Doors

I've had a lot of fairy tales running around in my brain for the last couple of weeks and they are ripe with endless possibilities. So much so that it's very hard to get them out of ones head! Not that I'm complaining, I love fairy tales, but they do seem to have a mind of their own and tend to go galloping off with a person on little side trips!
I was thinking of pivotal moments in fairy tales and wandered down the Sleeping Beauty path whilst playing with the Hidden Drawer Book Box and this project is a result of that.
That moment before Aurora touches the spinning wheel needle. Open the box and it tells you a story.........

I had a lot of fun using Lumiere Metallic Acrylics and Liquid Pearls dots for embellishing the cover and inside the box. I like the pearls in her braid.

All the papers were from 'An Eerie Tale' by Graphic 45. The fancy green and purple curlicues are from the Wrought Iron Set.
I cut up various bits to suit the space they were going in to and primed them all with Gesso. After they dried I used Metallic Olive Green acrylic paint (from Lumiere) on the inside pieces. The purple bits on the outside of the box I colored with Jaquard Dye-na-Flow Violet fabric paint. Let me tell you, that stuff is fun to play with! The colors are fantastic and they mix well with each other. I spent far too long playing with them on various surfaces. Including my skin, accidentally. It was a little awesome....The violet made my skin look really cool.....kind of like Violet Beauregarde from "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory".

Wrought Iron Set
Hidden Drawer Book Box
Windows 4 Panel
 (Window is the medium one and used behind the old spinner and Sleeping Beauty)

Additional supplies:
Lumiere Metallic Acrylic Paint in Olve
Jaquard Dye-na-Flow Ink in Violet
Liquid Pearls in Blackberry and Key Lime
Wooden knob
Swarovski Crystal in Aurora ( I thought it apropo)
Matte Medium (I like Liquitex)
Graphic 45 'An Eerie Tale' paper

Thank you for visiting!

Monday, January 16, 2017

You can't cage your heart

Hi Everyone,
I love to create for Valentine's day.  I have a fun necklace for you today and it was really easy to make.

Start with your birdcage chipboard.  I used the 3 inch version for this project, but it is available in two additional sizes.
I embossed both sides of the top piece.

The heart is a die cut piece of paper that I wet and crumpled into a ball.  I flattened it, dried it with my heat tool, and then sanded it to highlight the wrinkles.

The wings are painted with a couple light coats of acrylic paint and then grunged up with a brown ink and some bronze paint.

The back of the birdcage that the heart will be on is embossed in a slightly different color than the front and it doesn't have full coverage. I wanted some of the chipboard to peep through. The back of the piece is embossed in the same color as the top piece of the cage.

The wings are attached to the heart using foam tape.  I used foam tape and a strong adhesive to attach the heart to the back of the cage.

A large jump ring holds the two pieces of the cage together.  The cage pieces are not attached in any other way.  I want the cage to swing open when I wear this piece.

I hope you like it and maybe make one for yourself!

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Life Is Beautiful All Occasion Greeting Card by Ginny

Hey there Peeps! Ginny here to share a lovely and romantic styled greeting card I created with some sweet chippies and pretty patterned papers and flowers.

Here's how I created the card....
I selected these chippies because the window opening was just the perfect size to frame the image I chose from the patterned paper. Additional flourish pieces will be layered on top.

I gave a base coat of flat white to all the pieces....even the ones I planned to finish with embossing.
Once the flourishes were dry I added white embossing powder with flecks of pink and gold. After heat setting it's a lovely shabby finish.
A layer of velum behind the window panes gives a sheer look and a base to add pink confetti for a faux shaker card look.
Oodles of pretty coordinating flowers and ribbon trim.

Sentiment banner layered over the larger flourish.
You can never have too many flowers so I added a few here to balance the arrangement on the bottom.  Small loopy twine bow to soften the corner.

Gypsy Soul Laser Cut Supplies~ Cottage Window Large, Flourish Set Amanda.

Okay that's all for me..wishing all of you a happy and productive day with lots of time to be creative : ) G

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Sorting Valentines at the Postal Station by Betsy Skagen

Hello! After serving as a guest designer for a couple years, I could not resist making the leap to joining the official educator team in 2017. The opportunity to work with so many talented artists and play with the boundless creative opportunities of Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts products was a dream come true.

To kick off the year, I created this miniature Valentine Postal Station. I hope you tour all the tiny details--from the miniature millinery cabinet, to the mail bags filled with itty-bitty love letters, to the minuscule chocolate kisses.

Designed in 1:12 scale, this sorting station is a mix of old and new. There's no computerized robotics to sort the lovelorn postcards, the cute Valentine puns and the packages filled with chocolate truffles; yet you can see a few modern-day postal boxes.

To make the Millinery Cabinet, simply assemble and glue the pieces together and then paint with a brown acrylic paint.

Except for one or two of the brown paper packages (tied up with strings) that were store-bought, a friend and I made the rest. To make these, simply cut pieces of florist foam into rectangles, wrap them with Kraft paper, creasing the edges with a bone folder. Then, wrap the packages with a narrow string.

I also made the Priority Mail packages. I mistakenly thought since they were government issued they were public domain. Oops--I was wrong. So I designed new mail packages for you to use, as well as stamps, additional Valentine packages and postcards.

The Chocolate boxes are from the Tiny Valentines Collage Sheet and the Calendar is from the Valentine Packages Collage Sheet.

To make the base, assemble and glue a Cottage Base and adhere cardstock that looks like distressed flooring--super easy!

To make the walls, cut two 9" x 9" x 10" pieces of foam core and adhere together at a 90 degree angle. Add some cardstock that looks like distressed wood. I've been watching too much of the Fixer Upper TV show lately, so I gave the cardstock a light whitewash of gesso to make it look like shiplap. Heh heh. Use a strong glue to adhere the walls to the Cottage Base. 

To make the table, just assemble and glue the 1:12 Round table and chairs and paint with off-white paint. 

Create teeny-tiny chocolate kisses by first making a huge sacrifice and eating one or two real chocolate kisses. I know, I know, the difficult things we must do in the name of art. Cut the paper strip into tiny strips and shape the foil into tiny kiss shapes around the paper strip. 

I hope you noticed that Valentine's Day could not be complete without some Conversation Hearts nearby to snack on during break time?

Make the canvas mail bags by cutting a piece of lightweight canvas, gluing together, and folding the inside edge over a string and hot gluing the edge down. Of course, a person could actually sew a bag, but I avoid sewing at all costs. Stamp the letters M-A-I-L in red ink on both sides of the bags, stuff the bags most of the way with pieces of paper towel and then top off with packages and letters. Add a final touch by painting a curious little mouse with a white paint and placing nearby.  

Prime the Border Sticks and Narrow windows with white gesso. Then color with red paint. Adhere the windows to blue polka-dot cardstock and glue to the walls. Also adhere the borders sticks to the left wall above the cabinet. Make a chandelier by hanging a small Christmas decoration from a piece of stiff wire that runs across the top of your walls. 

This project is easier than it looks, I hope you consider trying all or some of it for your Valentine decor. 

Great Stuff

Millinery Cabinet 1:12
Cottage Base
Round table and chairs 1:12
Border Sticks
Narrow windows 
Valentine Packages Collage Sheet.
Tiny Valentines Collage Sheet
Little Letters Collage Sheet
Beacon Fabri-Tac Adhesive
Distressed flooring cardstock
Distressed walls cardstock
Blue polka dot cardstock
Kraft paper
Small pot
Red star
Paper towel
Stamp letters
Red Ink
Chocolate kisses
Miniature pencils
Miniature plant
White gesso
Brown paint
Off white paint
Red paint
White paint pen